What is your style of training?

We truly believe in a complete well rounded approach to training. This can be called balanced dog training. Training in this way creates clarity, confidence, and reliability. Layering techniques when needed creates a better understanding in learning new behaviors for a better overall transformation.

What makes You different?

We do not only focus on reliable obedience. Our specialty is working with dogs that have serious behavioral problems such as anxiety, reactivity, dog aggression, and human aggression. We work with dogs that have been told they cannot be helped, or just to manage. We have transformed dogs that other trainers reccomended euthanasia, or have been turned away. 

We truly love dogs, and are very passionate and critical of the training that we do, and the goals that we achieve. 

What training tools do you use?

Depending on your dog’s individual response, and your goals will depend on what tools will be best. Tools when used correctly help create more clarity, and help develop confidence to achieve what is best for your dog.These tools can include

  • Food/Treats
  • Toys
  • Leash
  • Long Line
  • Flat Collar
  • Slip Leash
  • Prong Collar
  • E-Collar
  • Compressed Air
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Crate/Kennel
  • Cot
  • Muzzle
Do you use prong collars?

Yes, despite the way a prong collar looks. Prong collars are a great tool that can create clarity by the way it is designed. The individual rounded prongs apply even pressure around the neck. This provides a unique sensation to your dog. We teach pressure and release with this tool, which helps with reliable commands, more engagement, aid in overcoming behavioral problems.

Do you use e-collars?

Yes, e-collars are an advanced tool that are great with off-leash obedience, and also to help with behavioral modification with wireless, and precision communication.

We only use high quality e-collars through E- Collar Technologies that have consistent and reliable technology that is similiar to a TENS unit. These are very different then the old shock collars that were only used for punishment.

Should I choose Private or Board and Train?

Private training is great for an owner that can dedicate the time and effort to work through all the repetitions, training exercises, and proper exposure when needed. Private training is also best for more minor behavior problems.

Board and Trains are a great immersvie process for your dog, and for dogs that have more severe behavioral problems. They are also a good choice if you just dont have the time to put into all the training. 


What are the levels of support, and what does that include?

All of our programs have different levels of continued support. 

Contact support is if you have any questions towards anything we worked on during our programs, or just minor issues you might need help with. You can contact us through txt, email, or phone to help you out.

Refresher lessons are available in some programs to provide support for piece of mind. If we cannot help you through contact support, and hands on will get you back on track with what we worked on in your program. Then we will come out and work an additional lesson. Refresher lessons are allowed on a 1 lesson per a month basis if needed.  

What age do you accept dogs into your board and train?

We take in dogs as young as 6 months old. At this adolescent age we are able to teach them a lot, because they have the mental capabilties to learn reliable obedience, and progress through behavioral modification training. 

What program is best for my dog?

Programs are decided based on a couple factors. The behavioral issues, overall goals, and how much support you would prefer.



Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, North Carolina and Surrounding Areas