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Our Approach


Our dog training embraces your dog’s true nature and focuses on freedom, emotional connection, communication, and expression of genetic traits.

         Build Confidence and Connection


Interactions provide learning that builds confidence, emotional balance, trust, cooperation, reliability, and a strong connection between you and your canine companion.

Dog Training Durham NC Services We Offer 

In our personalized one-on-one sessions, we dedicate our full attention to you and your dog. You will learn our approach to start implementing a new way to interact with your dog, based on your dogs specific needs, and your overall goals.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support, including contact availability between sessions and refresher lessons after the program, to guarantee long-term success.

Intensive well rounded training programs for reliable obedience or behavioral modification, where your dog stays in our home to receive personalized attention and training.

At the end of their stay we will collaborate with ongoing support to transfer knowledge and handling so they maintain what they have learned.

  Durham Dog Behavioral Modification Specialist

Our approach allows us to look at behavioral cases from a different perspective than most would even consider.

We will certaintly not jump right at a serious behavioral issue with treats or tools to try to change it right away, or even push commands in scenarios to occupy them with something else.

We take into account your dogs genetics, their overall perspective, emotions, and history of learned behaviors.

We have extensive experience taking on a variety of behavioral cases with a multitude of different breeds.