Our Story

Hi, I’m Aaron, the owner and trainer of K9 Disciples Dog Training. My interest in dog training began in 2004 when I rescued my dog Sam, an AmStaff mix from a shelter and realized she needed significant behavioral help. Despite seeking help the struggle persisted until I connected with her in a variety of active ways. 

My journey and passion to truly pursue training happened in 2012 while helping under a local trainer. This opened me up to personally researching behavioral psychology, studies, training books, videos, articles, trainers, and anything else I could find. Being very critical I wanted to obtain as much experience before moving forward. 

This lead to the establishment of K9 Disciples in 2015. With a profound love for animals since I was young, I found interacting and transforming dogs into happy, and balanced companions incredibly rewarding. My interest gravitated me to helping dogs with difficult behavioral issues. I started helping a local rescue with a variety of difficult cases such as human aggression, dog aggression, reactivity, anxiety, and then placing them in suitable homes with zero return rate. 

My theory with training changed throughout the years, questioning common methods, and always looking for a better way for the dogs. I saw common training was becoming less about what the dogs wanted and how they felt, and more about the owners limiting dogs expressing their true nature. 

Our training is truly about understanding who dogs are, and promoting a connection through interactions to create communication, confidence, reliability, cooperation, and emotional balance.

 Dog Training

Our Mission

Helping dogs to truly transform their behaviors for their overall well being. 


Our Vision

Owners communicating and understanding dogs to live harmoniously together in their homes and out in public.



Our Process

We take an individualized approach that starts with building a relationship through interactions, that truly motivate your dog. These interactions create the social situations to develop the skills for a strong relationship that establishes trust. Once trust is gained we can provide specialized training that changes behavior and cognitive outlook to create a more positive state of mind.

Owners will be educated on their dogs behavior, innate needs, interactions, communication, structure, and exercises that will help their overall behavior. We want owners to feel confident in their ability to follow through. 

Our on going support for owners during and after training is very important for their success to learn, adapt, and grow with their dog.