Our Story

Hi I’m Aaron owner and trainer of K9 Disciples Dog Training. I started my training journey after rescuing Sam in 2004 from the shelter, and finding out quickly she needed a lot of behavior help. I always had a love for animals, but training dogs became my passion. The process of understanding a dog on a individual level and transforming them into a happy well balanced dog is simply rewarding.
I truly believe you need to build a relationship with a dog to train them. This relationship needs to be built on clear communication, providing structure, trust, respect, and understanding. By having a relationship you are better able to help alter a dogs state of mind through various training methods, and techniques. I have become very knowledgeable in varying styles of dog training. Along with setting a high standard of the application of tools and techniques. This allows me to approach training in a well rounded manner to implement behavior modification that creates a happy well balanced dog.
Overall dog training is about having our dogs best interest and doing everything we possibly can to have a great relationship with them. My goal is to help your dog overcome their behaviors, while helping you form a new found relationship with them.


      Dog Training

Our Mission

Helping dogs to truly transform their behaviors for their overall well being. 


Our Vision

Owners communicating and understanding dogs to live harmoniously together in their homes and out in public.



Our Process

We take an individualized approach that starts with building communication through motivation to establish trust. Once trust is gained we can provide specialized training that changes behavior and cognitive outlook to create a more positive state of mind.

Owners will be educated on their dogs behavior, communication, structure, techniques, and exercises that will help their overall behavior. We want owners to feel confident in their ability to follow through.

Our on going support for owners during and after training is very important for their success to learn, adapt, and grow with their dog.