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We truly understand and take into account your dog’s unique individuality.  Our training philosophy is rooted in embracing who dogs are at their core, and allowing their character to shine.

We build interactions that nurture a deep connection through instinctual needs. Through these interactions we promote effective communication, confidence, structured boundaries, unwavering reliability, and emotional equilibrium.

                            Specialist in Behavior Modification Cases

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Has your dog’s behavior gotten out of control, leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated?

We empathize with the frustration you may have experienced, but rest assured, we possess the knowledge and expertise to unlock your dog’s true potential.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to improve your dog’s behavior with no success?

We specialize in and truly understand behavioral issues.  We look at dogs on an individual level, such as genetic instincts, learned behavior, what can be changed, guided, or controlled. 

Owners need to understand their dog on this level to form a deep relationship with their canine companion

Let Us Help You!

  • 1 on 1 Personal Attention and Guidance

  • Empowering You as a Dog Owner

  • Focus On Building a Strong Bond and Connection

  • Tailored to Your Dog’s Unique Needs

  • Supportive and Collaborative Approach

  • Long-Term Success and Continued Support

  • Addressing Specific Behavior Challenges

  • Dog Trainer Durham, Chapel Hill NC

  • Professional Expertise Specializing in Giving your Dog the Best Chance to Overcome Behaviors

  • Address Severe Behavioral Issues

  • Peace of Mind Allowing Us to Do the Hard Work

  • Faster Results in Accomplishing Your Goals

  • Less Stress and Investing in You and Your Dog

  • Board and Train in an Actual Home



















Based on 52 reviews
Brianna Komornik
Brianna Komornik
I cannot begin to express how much I recommend K9 Disciples. Five-star rating for a reason. Before making my decision to bring my new rescue to Aaron's Board and Train program I did weeks of research on different trainers in the Raleigh/Durham area. From the very first phone conversation with Aaron, I knew he knew what he was talking about. Luda, my pit mix, needed a lot of help and direction to get through mental barriers from his past. Aaron went way above and beyond to accomplish this. Aaron not only worked with Luda he also worked with me and made sure I knew what to do and was comfortable handling Luda. Thank you Aaron!!
Sue Freiburger
Sue Freiburger
Aaron from K9 Disciples has done wonders with our leash reactive Great Pyrenees mix. Her world had become smaller and smaller as she became more and more leash/barrier reactive to other dogs. We had tried other trainers with very limited progress before we decided to look into board and train. From our initial phone consult I was impressed by Aaron and his approach. He is soft spoken and easy to talk to and didn’t make me feel that any of my questions were stupid. He thoroughly explained his approach to training and was willing to evaluate Molly in person to help us decide if we wanted to do one on one training or board and train. Our initial consult allowed me to watch him handle Molly as well as see how he would teach me. While it was hard to send Molly away for a month, I had a very good feeling after watching how she responded to him. Aaron communicated well throughout the month, sending photos and videos and responding to any questions we had. I was really nervous on drop off day, wondering if I would be capable of continuing to reinforce what she had learned. Aaron once again spent a long time with us, explaining and demonstrating what they had been working on. After explaining and demonstrating the long leash, prong collar, and e-collar, we all went off on a long walk. Molly obviously had bonded with Aaron and didn’t require any correction when he was handling her other than some gentle verbal corrections. She was her usual happy affectionate self but was much more relaxed on the walk than I had ever seen. When he handed the leash to me he was patient with my questions and clumsiness as I adjusted to using the long leash on our walk. For the first time since we moved here I was walking her in the park, passing dogs with minor response from her. Aaron reassured me that if I stuck with the program it wouldn’t be long before Molly would transfer what she had learned with him to me. We scheduled a follow up in person meeting later in the week. Once again, Aaron spent a long time walking with us, making suggestions to help me fine tune things. I was able to walk several miles through our neighborhood, on narrow paths, and in the park and it was an amazing feeling!! I highly recommend Aaron and can’t thank him enough for giving me back my walking buddy. Each day is better and better and she is very responsive to verbal cues on a long lead so it is a relaxed and enjoyable walk.
Rob Forrester
Rob Forrester
Aaron trained my dog two years ago, and she learned a lot. She is a joy on our walks now and listens to commands. We had a tough time with her before we had Aaron take her for the training. She's still her silly self except, except now she lays down when i say "down", comes when I say "here", heels when I say... I think you get it. If you have a high-energy K9 that needs training, call Aaron.
Stephanie Rosner
Stephanie Rosner
Aaron is wonderful. My dog did a board and train because of her dog aggression issues. My dog had previously started fights and I was skeptical that she'd be able to change so much. I have been amazed at Aaron's training and his care. I have seen a complete 180 change in my dog that I did not think was possible. It is so clear that Aaron took amazing care of my dog when she was with him and he was available to work with me as much as we needed after the board and train. I was so nervous to send my dog off with someone I didn't know but I truly can't recommend Aaron enough! You and your dog will be in good hands.
AJ Gannaban
AJ Gannaban
I was very skeptical, before Aaron took our Momo, I just didn't get how someone could take our anxious, reactive, and at times aggressive dog and change his ways. We tried shock collars, Prong collars, treats, and all the youtube training videos but nothing worked. We decided to try K9 Disciples and opted for the 4 week board and train. We were scared at first, and hesitant to leave our dog for the better part of a month with someone we didn't know, but Aaron assuaged our fears by uploading training highlights onto a google drive which we had access to even though we were out of the country. We joked and called these videos proof of life updates, but they made our day every time we got an update. Our Dog Momo now recalls, walks beside us, and does not lunge at first sight of another dog. We do need to keep working with Momo, but Aaron has guided us and taught us how to help Momo channel his anxiety into play, and how to isolate behaviors we do not want Momo to exhibit into isolated "events". Throughout the whole board and train Aaron kept in contact, even though we were out of the country in Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus. When we got Momo back we had an extensive training session where Aaron walked us through how to handle Momo and taught us commands for us to practice. We are moving to Seattle and wanted Momo to be trained for an urban environment, and Aaron did just that. In taking him to Downtown Durham for training sessions and the results definitely show! I was skeptical before, but now I am a firm believer! Aaron does great work. Best money I have ever spent on my dog, and I don't know about anyone else, but my wife spends a lot of money on our dogs. My dog is calm and listens to me and my wife is happy and excited to go on walks again. Thank you so much!
J Ramsey
J Ramsey
If you are looking for a great dog trainer, K9 Disciples is fabulous. My dog did the 4 week board and train and it has been honestly life changing. My dog is 5 yrs old and was very reactive towards people and other dogs. We are about 3 months out and walks and going to the park to just to get out are great and his attention isn't on what can he attack today. He is also now crate trained, which I didn't think would ever happen. Literally like night and day. Aaron is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves what he does and wants the best for your dog, as well as your family. K9 Disciples whole process was great. Highly Recommend.
Leah Wilking
Leah Wilking
I had the pleasure of working with Aaron to help with our young lab who was proving to be a TRUE handful. Aaron was knowledgable, patient and helped me build a solid relationship with her and increased our ability to actually enjoy her. I was skeptical and also desperate - I am glad I made the call and put in the time - she is an amazing dog that needed help bonding and learning manners.
Catie Stroup-Markiewicz
Catie Stroup-Markiewicz
I worked with Aaron for a total of 6 sessions for my 3 yr old, mastiff mutt, rescue, Pearl. Before working with Aaron, I always felt nervous about encountering other dogs on walks, in public places, and in a surprise scenario. Pearl was reactive towards other dogs, cats, and especially small dogs. I felt little control over her reactions and our experience so I often avoided peak walk times in my neighborhood and left her home. After working with Aaron I feel so much more confident with Pearl out in the world. She responds to me and trusts me more than ever. We worked hard on recall and on-leash walking. He even brought his own dogs to help train her to multiple sessions. I felt comfortable her having her off the leash on the beach recently. We have strategies to walk by other dogs, her behavior has changed from lunging to play-jumping, and she can more easily control her emotions. I’m so happy that we worked with Aaron and forever grateful for everything that he taught me. I am so much more confident and assured when walking with pearl in predictable and unpredictable situations. I feel so much more connected with Pearl and I think we are both much happier. If you are thinking about working with Aaron, I highly recommend him! He is so knowledgeable, flexible, and compassionate. He truly loves dogs, will hold you accountable, and will treat your dog like one of his own. Thank you so much, Aaron!
Chris Cardinale
Chris Cardinale
We can't give Aaron enough praise for the work he did with Tripp. He came back another dog but in the best way. He's more trusting and playful than we could've ever imagined. Tripp's behavior on-leash is night and day as well. He used to try and tug us to where he wanted to go and would resist when we would try to bring him in another direction, but now he walks on our side and understands how to properly walk on-leash. In addition to all of this progress, Tripp was very distrusting with his food and toys but after his time with Aaron, he shows no signs of his previous behavior with his food and lets us play with him without getting aggressive and anxious over his toys. After Tripp came back, Aaron also showed us how to keep his training going and since then Tripp continues to show progress everyday. Even after the training was over, Aaron has been extremely responsive whenever an issue with Tripp comes up. Overall, we can't recommend him enough!
Lucy Berrier Matheson
Lucy Berrier Matheson
Our rescue 2-year old American Bully came with an intense fear of going outside and a very frustrating habit of jumping on her brother, our 8-year old English Bulldog, when he was just minding his own business. Finding Aaron and getting her the support she needs to feel confident and calm has brought peace of mind and relaxation back to our family - she went to training for five weeks and when she came back, her anxiety around being outside was drastically improved and Aaron provided us with the tools and skills we needed to continue her progress. He also explained the underlying motivations for her reactions and behaviors, which helps us to not get as frustrated when she acts out and is struggling. Throughout the entire training process, Aaron made sure we completely understood and were comfortable with his methods and approach, as well as with what we would need to do to ensure our dog's success. She came home from training a few months ago and he now regularly checks in to see how she's doing and to provide ongoing support and guidance for her development and progress. We were pretty desperate to get our girl figured out and living in a state of almost constant anxiety and Aaron's process was great for correcting her behavior, but also strengthened our relationship with her by ensuring that we were fully collaborative partners in her development - we would strongly recommend K9 Disciples!