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Do you Struggle with …


Jumping Up

Separation Anxiety



Resource Guarding

Pulling on Leash



Do you avoid distractions, or public places altogether, because your dog will pull, lunge, and just overall not listen?

Imagine going to the places you always wanted to bring your dog. 

Maybe the behaviors your dog has are intense, and might even be just scary. Has your dog shown aggression or even bit dogs, other people, or even you? 

How would it feel if they were transformed, and you can bring them out on a walk, and they just listen to you, while behaving around dogs, and people?

Who We Are…

At K9 Disciples we are a premier behavior modification specialist. We are passionate about helping dogs with anywhere from minor to serious behavior problems, and transforming them into a confident dog with a renewed state of mind.  K9 Disciples expertise is taking on dogs that are labelled difficult, told they cannot be helped, or shown only how to manage behaviors.

Let Us Help You!



















Transform Your Dog



“I absolutely got the outcome, training improvement and behavior changes I wanted to see in my dog! I can’t emphasize enough how worth it working with K9 Disciples has been for me.”


“We get SO many compliments about Ruthie’s wonderful behavior everywhere we go! I have contacted him several times w/questions and he gets back to me immediately.”


“He truly cares about dogs and puts their needs first. We were blessed to come into contact with him and have him train our dogs (as well as us!).”